Starfish Collective

Starfish is a collective of activists, educators and researchers, mostly based in Sweden (with growing international affiliations), who are dedicated to gender equity and climate and environmental justice. We see ourselves as part of the local and global movements for social and environmental justice who are joining hands to address patriarchal destructiveness of Earth’s living systems and the multiple oppressions of marginalised people. 

Our collective takes its lead from (eco)feminism, queer ecologies, and deep ecology. Methodologically we are inspired by Joanna Macy and her colleagues’ Work That Reconnects, the Transition Movement, Permaculture and others. Theoretically we are inspired by the research conducted by Martin Hultman and Paul M. Pulé that they refer to as ecological masculinities and especially how we can move beyond masculinities. The Starfish Collective is particularly interested in addressing patriarchal structures and dominating masculinity norms as important root causes of social and environmental exploitation. We see care for Earth, others and self as central to develop a truly sustainable and vibrant planet for all.

We work towards engaging more boys and men with people of all genders to create equitable cooperation and care. We do this by looking beyond gender binaries and destructive masculinities norms in both theory and practice.

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