Examples of our work

Here are some selected highlights from the Starfish Collective’s work so far:


Online and physical workshops and seminars for organisations such as: the EU body Climate KIC, the UN Environmental Program (UNEP), the international network MenEngage, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency SIDA, Gothenburg University, Uppsala University, Chalmers University of Technology, the county administrative boards in Östergötland and Kalmar, Studiefrämjandet, The Red Cross folk high school/community college, Holma folk high school/community college, Eskilstuna folk high school/community college, Färnebo folk high school/community college, Pawprint, The Swedish Green Party’s student association Green Students and Vardagens civilkurage

The distance course Feminism <3 miljökamp = sant (Feminism <3 environmental struggle = True) with Färnebo folk high school/community college, spring 2022


Men in the Climate Crisis (2020) with the organisation MÄN/Men for gender equality

Normkollen (Norm Check) (2021) with the project Gendered sustainability at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The comic book Maskulinitet, Genus och Klimaträttvisa (Masculinity, Gender and Climate Justice) (2021) with Friends of the Earth Sweden


Vidar Vetterfalk on the podcast Forest of Thought: What do men long for?

Paul Pulé and Martin Hultman on the podcast Sustainable Masculinities: From Ecomodern Breadwinners to Ecological Masculinities and Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Save the Planet?

Paul Pulé and Abigail Sykes in the Deep Times Journal: Transforming Destructive Masculinities Norms through the Work That Reconnects

Paul Pulé in the Deep Times Journal: This Critical Moment: A Case Study in Education for Change

Abigail Sykes interviewed in the Deep Times Journal (also available in an audio version)

Tomas Agnemo in Cirkeln: När samtalet har huvudrollen

Jens Malmström in Sydsvenskan: Han vill få män att prata om maskulinitet och miljö


Ecological masculinities (2018) by Martin Hultman and Paul M Pulé

Men, Masculinities and Earth (2021) by Paul M Pulé and Martin Hultman (eds.)


‘When Gender Equality and Earth Care Meet: Ecological masculinities in practice’ by Robin Hedenqvist, Paul M. Pulé, Martin Hultman, and Vidar Vetterfalk, in Magnusdottir and Kronsell, eds. (2021) Gender, Intersectionality and Climate Institutions in Industrialised States