About us

The Starfish Collective is an international organisation – based in Sweden – that has several arms reaching out to the world. Our work reaches from local through to global (or ‘glocal’) movements to end the oppression of marginalised people and unravel patriarchal destruction of the Earth’s living systems in five main ways:

  1. One is an activist arm, where we work with our climate and gender justice colleagues to create a more caring world.
  2. We have a research arm that has been exploring the social and ecological consequences of destructive masculinities norms, that Martin Hultman and Paul Pulé referred to as ecological masculinities. This growing field of study draws from the wisdoms of our deep ecological, ecofeminist and queer ecological colleagues. We are also inspired by Feminist Care Theory, the work of Joanna Macy and her colleagues through the Work That Reconnects, Theatre for Change (Social Presencing Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed, Playback Theatre, and Forum Theatre), Dragon Dreaming, the Art of Hosting, Theory U, the Transitions movement, Human Ecology, Social Permaculture, Earth Rights, Decolonisation Theory, and the Degrowth Movement,
  3. A third is our education arm, where we work with clients, one-on-one, in small groups, and across organisations to raise awareness about the masculinities of the climate crisis, and what to do about it.
  4. We build communities of practice, calling together talented, passionate, and focused people to prioritise networks of relationships that emulate the wisdom of Earth’s ecosystems; that we are the strongest and the most effective at bringing about a sustainable world when we prioritise our intricate connections.
  5. A fifth arm works with leadership development, with individuals, middle and senior managers to support culture change within organisations so that organisational core business prioritises gender equity and long-term, deep green environmental care.

Central to all of these arms is care for Earth, others, and the self.

In order to create a truly sustainable world, we work to widen the circles of care between Earth, others, and the self. We are particularly focused on engaging boys and men, alongside people of all gender identities in developing intersectional perspectives. We also look beyond gender binaries to support the rise of more caring masculinities in everyone regardless of the body they might be in or the identity they might identify with at any given time in their lives.

We are available as consultants to work with individuals, groups, or across organisations to address these issues. Our fees operate on a sliding scale.


The Starfish Collective is organised according to sociocratic principles, with a core group, working groups and an advisory group.

  • Core group – For strategic and organisational management.
  • Working groups – To do the heavy lifting of actionable tasks and deliverables.
  • Advisory group – For those who are committed to supporting Starfish’s vision and mission in a role much like a “mentor” or “elder.”

The Starfish Collective’s core group currently consists of:

Camilla Andersson

Dr. Camilla Andersson is an architect by training and holds a PhD in norm-critical and speculative design.

Paul Pulé

Dr. Paul M. Pulé is a consultant educator for change, scholar, social and environmental justice activist, specialising in the gendered aspects of Transition to a regenerative and just future for all of life. He is originally from Australia and can be reached at +46 (0)73 856 49 05.

Abigail Sykes

Abigail Sykes is a freelance journalist, translator and educator with a focus on the Transition to regenerative and just societies. She lives in Skåne in Sweden and can be reached at +46 (0)704 25 32 27.

Vidar Vetterfalk

Vidar Vetterfalk is a certified psychologist, international project manager and activist for social and environmental justice with a particular focus on how to engage more men to care together with others. He lives in Järna, Sweden.

Core group members can all be reached at name.name@starfishcollective.se.

The Starfish Collective’s advisory group includes the following members:

Vincent Brown

Vincent’s interests integrate leadership studies, consciousness studies, spirituality, feminism and masculinity studies, environmental studies, and neuroscience. Vincent has a PhD in Transformative Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). His PhD dissertation is on the lived benefits for men who engage in the Work That Reconnects, the life work of Joanna Macy, and he has been a Work That Reconnects facilitator since 2012. He can be reached at evbrwn@gmail.com.

Clare Hedin

Clare Hedin is a multi-disciplinary artist, singer/songwriter, sound healer, and consultant on the energy of creativity as it relates to consciousness. Having recorded and released 8 albums, she has a BA in Fine Arts and Integral Studies (emphasis Creativity & Music), an MA in Consciousness Studies (emphasis Creativity), and an advanced degree in Music Theory from Laney College, Oakland, California. Find out more and connect with her at clarehedin.com, dynamicemergence.net and clare@clarehedin.com.

Martin Hultman

Associate professor Martin Hultman has been giving keynotes, writing books, engaging in education and being a public intellectual at the intersection of masculinities, energy and climate change for 15 years. Foraging chanterelles, swimming with the water and confronting injustices are some of his passions. He lives in Sweden and can be reached at martin.hultman@chalmers.se.

Uri Noy Meir

Uri Noy Meir is an experienced facilitator working to bring wholeness with communities, organizations, and ecosystems. He is trained in Theatre of the Oppressed, Dragon Dreaming, and Social Presencing Theatre and uses them to empower community leaders worldwide. Find out more and connect with him at linktr.ee/urinoymeir.

Rebecca Leigh Rutt

Rebecca is inspired by research and education in relation to social, environmental, and ecological justice and feminist political ecology, and by the pluriversal degrowth global movement. She works at the University of Copenhagen and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Pierre Smith Khanna

Pierre is a historian and political ecologist currently researching the intersection between sustainability, masculinities and environmental education. He has directed a feature-length documentary 'Fairytales of Growth' and launched the 'Sustainable Masculinities' Podcast. Find out more and connect with him at www.pierresk.com.

Richard Twine

Dr. Richard Twine is a Reader in Sociology at Edge Hill University, UK. He is also Co-Director of the Centre for Human-Animal Studies and has expertise in ecofeminism, vegan transition and human-animal relations in the context of the climate crisis. He can be reached at richard.twine@edgehill.ac.uk.

Prudence Woodford-Berger

Prudence Woodford-Berger is a social anthropologist with a research background on gendered orders and matrilineal kinship in Western Ghana. Formerly a lecturer at Stockholm University, she has over 45 years of experience working as a consultant and policy advisor on women’s rights, gender, equality, feminisms and socio-cultural norms in international development cooperation. Prudence retired from Sweden’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 2013, is currently the Chair of PRO Global/Pensioners without Borders, and continues to champion and advocate for issues of gender and equality including in the context of climate justice.
Photo: Anneli Nygårds, PRO